Other Scout or Guide Badge Trading Websites

http://badger.usask.ca/ Official website of the Canadian Badgers Club

http://www.scoutalog.com Best site for Canadian Proficiency badges

http://www.intbc.org/ibc/index.html Site for the International Badgers Club

http://www.canadianjamboreebadges.info/ Scouter Curtis's site - jamboree speciality site

http://scouteralf.tripod.com/traders.htm Scouter Alf's site - North West Territories speciality site

http://www.canbadge.com Scouter Peter's site - Canadian scout badges

http://www.mnsi.net/~scoutman/ Scoutman badge trading/selling site

http://www.mierau.ca/scoutbadges/ Scouter Bryan's site

http://wj55.org/ Official website of the WJ'55 50th year Commemmoration Committee

http://www.badgetradercolleen.freeservers.com/ Guider Colleen's Guide trading site

http://www.geocities.com/debncam98/Debbies_Patch_Trading_Page.html Guider Debbies Guide trading site